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Jumat, 15 Februari 2013

™->>Cheat Gear Event 2013 <<-™

Posted by [PT]_Gemscool LS & PB 19.00, under | 1 comment

Download Cheat
 Directions for Use:
     [-] Extract File
     [-] Open LS
     [-] Open PerX Injector
     [-] Change "Gunz.exe" to "lostsaga.exe" (if already not replaced)
     [-] Browse DLL antecedent Desktop "Prohacy.dll"
     [-] Start LS
     [-] There is a Notice Click OK
     [-] When a Cowboy Pictures Do not press the Do-Do
     [-] When Missing quickly press Hotkeys ON
     [-] Loading Later Jin Kisaragi Press Hotkeys OFF
     [-] Happy Cheating ♥^ _ ^♥

     ALL WORK OS (including Winodws XP)
     For Windows 7 To Open LSnya Do not Double Click!
     Right-click the Administrator continued to Run
     Time MUST Exactly!
     Over time: Effects  Must Right!

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